In case you are new to the world of electronic cigarettes, whether you just buy your first vape or are interested in doing so, at Bergstrom we try to help you to give your device proper maintenance, so you can use it for the longest time possible. Here we show you some tips that will help you vape while your device is in good condition.

-Change the resistance when necessary. Resistances, known in the vaping world as atomizers or wicks, wear out by use. It is recommended that you have spare parts because it is important for the electronic cigarette to continue to provide an abundant vapor and that it is not inhaled with a burnt taste. When little steam is produced, or tastes burned, it signals that the resistance must be changed.

-Clean the contacts between the battery and the tank. Screw the battery tank and clean the contacts on both sides to be sure that the flow is not altered. It is advisable to do it once a week.

-Clean the tank. To be able to vape cleanly and hygienically, the tank should be removed from time to time and a thorough cleaning should be carried out. The best way to do this is to replace the atomizer, because a small amount of liquid is wasted, and it is necessary to unscrew the tank anyway.

-Change atomizer regularly. The more steam, the more frequent the atomizer must be changed. It is mainly due to liquid waste that does not completely evaporate. These remains are trapped in the cotton and produce a burnt taste. The above is a warning signal to change the atomizer at least 1 or 2 times a month.

-Put a few drops of liquid into the new atomizer before installing it. When replacing the atomizer, you should consider dropping some liquid on the cotton inside your atomizer before using it. In this way, the liquid is distributed better and prevents burned circuits after having replaced it. In addition to leaving the electronic cigarette vertically for five minutes after having made the replacement so that the liquid manages to distribute properly in the cotton spool. You should be careful when inhaling the first time, as there is a possibility that it may not taste good or burn.

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-Review the batteries. The batteries are sensitive, so they should not be left exposed to the sun or continue vaping if your electronic cigarette is too hot. Use atomizers that can withstand the power of the battery. The number of watts it supports must be indicated on the atomizer.

We hope that these tips will be of great help, if you follow the steps mentioned above, your device will not present problems. In case you still do not buy your vape or want one, you can get them from the Bergstrom store. In addition to providing an excellent service, has the E-liquid Torden, are ideal to have a great time vaping.

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