Questions about e cigarettes

Questions about e cigarettes

We bring to you some of the most frequent doubts that you can ask yourself when you are knowing the world of vaping, that day by day keeps growing and adding followers. That is why Bergstrom helps you with some of the basic concepts shown below:

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a handheld device that satisfies the need to smoke. Its mechanism is to convert a liquid into an aerosol, or also called "vapor", which is inhaled by the user. When using these devices, it is called vaping.

The liquid used in electronic cigarettes is called e-liquid or juice. It is produced in the United States with domestic and imported products. The ingredients used vary according to the presentation you choose. They also have different levels of nicotine, which range from 0% to 12%. These percentages are highly favorable for those who wish to stop using tobacco.

What parts make up an electronic cigarette?

Not all electronic cigarettes are the same, but they share certain basic components:

-Mouthpiece: Place of departure of the steam.

-Tape of the tank: Auxiliary to avoid tank leaks.

-Coil or Resistance: Element that vaporizes the liquid.

-Base and air inlets: Resistances are placed here.

-Timer: It is responsible for heating the liquid, causing it to vaporize and can be inhaled. The atomizer must be replaced at least once every 3 or 6 months depending on the amount of use.

-Equipment: Also known as mod, it is the largest part of the vape and contains the electronic elements.

What types of electronic cigar are there?

Currently there is a very wide world about electronic cigarettes. These can be grouped into three categories: Mini, Medium and Advanced.

Cigar Electronic "Mini"

The Mini electronic cigar is about the size of a tobacco cigar and is usually designed to simulate the conventional cigar experience. They are recommended to those people who are new to the world of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette "Medium"

"Medium" electronic cigarettes are made up of many high capacity batteries, are among the most popular worldwide and are considered the standard of experience for experienced users.

It is very common for people to change their electronic cigarette for one with better characteristics. Generally, the change between electronic cigarettes is "mini" to "medium".

Normally this type of electronic cigar is manually operated, this can be a little uncomfortable for those users who are starting.

Electronic -Cigars "Advanced"

The "advanced" electronic cigarettes, or also known as "Mods", are larger capacity, larger, can have unusual shapes and usually have a higher price. They also have a higher performance than the "mini" and "medium". All "advanced" electronic cigarettes give the possibility of changing the battery, they are mostly manual operation, this last option is used by those users with a certain amount of experience to achieve optimal operation.

How are Electronic Cigars different from Traditional Cigars? 

An electronic cigar or vape, is an alternative to traditional cigars. It consists of an electronic handheld device that allows inhaling the vapor produced by evaporating the liquids inside, this mimics the sensation of smoking, even satisfying the needs of nicotine, decreasing and controlling its consumption over time. They are recognized as the best substitute for traditional cigars, without having the harmful effects on health, and their small size makes them easier to carry. They come with a disposable or rechargeable option.

The main difference is in the substance that we inhale:

- Traditional Cigar: It inhales smoke produced by combustion of snuff along with the additives and the paper that compose it.

- Electronic cigar: Steam is produced by heating the liquid. There is a change of state from liquid to vapor, there is never combustion, so a new substance is not generated. This vapor can contain the level of nicotine of your choice, which is absorbed through the mouth and lungs.

Difference in sensations:

In this sense, there is no difference between smoking and vaping. The sensation in the throat is similar, it can even be more pleasant vaping, because due to the variety of aromas available good sensations and a very pleasant taste are obtained. Also depending on the level of nicotine in your liquid, the need for nicotine will be immediately satisfied.

The taste will not be the same because it is not exactly smoke, tar, or toluene, ammonia, or the thousands of other harmful substances that a traditional cigar carries.

We hope that these questions will help you to enter the world of vapes, as well as to know how they are composed and the difference that exists between an electronic cigarette and a tobacco cigar. To learn more about the benefits of vaping, we invite you to read more articles that Bergstrom has for you.

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