Learn more about the E-liquid Torden

Learn more about the E-liquid Torden

Torden was born of timeless Nordic values, with a belief for simplicity, love for craftsmanship and a great desire to explore. All the current American ingenuity gathered in an intense and memorable vaping experience. For these reasons Bergstrom has them available for you easily and quickly, so you can enjoy it with your electronic cigar.

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We are committed to people who take their enjoyment seriously. Always keeping in mind, the high expectations of the client. Each one of our e-liquids is elaborated with special care with its design and flavor, uniting it with the spirit of our master mixers. This makes us win our characteristic symbol, the thunderbolt, which represents the purity, strength and character of Torden e-liquids products.


The flavors created based on tradition and experience

The artisans who have existed throughout the ages remain faithful to a simple principle: to have control of a ship it is necessary to take great care for details and have a strong character.

We have a rigorous product creation process. Start with our master mixers, who are inspired by nature and the world around us to experience and refine the intense flavors for which Torden is known. Then we test these creations with our expert vapers. Once the flavors of true character have been developed, they are coded, mixed and bottled to the highest standards and with the best ingredients, certified by a laboratory registered by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for purity of ingredients and certified by our customers for their purity of character.

The E-liquids that Torden has are 35 ml containers in their bottled glass presentation. We have a wide variety of flavors, in three categories: strong, sweet and soft. Essence of Maui flavored with vanilla with a touch of cream, Kentucky Red flavored with roasted nuts and a touch of caramel, Boston Créme that has a Créme brûlée flavor with a union of a vintage whiskey sultanas and a raspberry finish, and Sweet Georgia with peach flavor with floral notes and a refreshing soft sweetness. To buy one or more of these you can find them available in the Bergstrom store.

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